smart construction, smart city, smart building

Our mission is to build and manage smart cities including infrastructure systems and buildings through smart construction and management. We conduct basic research in areas that include sensing and data analytics (AI, data science), information modeling/visualization and simulation (digital twin, VR), and human-robot interfaces, in the context of construction management, infrastructure management, and building science. We apply this research to projects that include teleoperation in construction workplaces (automation in construction), Human-Robot Interface for Extraterrestrial Construction (Lunar Construction), AI-driven disaster risk prediction (e.g., hurricanes, pandemics), smart city digital twin for vulnerable populations (e.g., older adults) and regions (e.g., coastal communities), smart building, and cyber-physical systems (CPS) for improving STEM education.

Our members are students, faculty, and affiliates of Texas A&M University (TAMU). We come from a variety of academic backgrounds across engineering and science. We currently have openings for highly motivated and driven students across multi-disciplinary backgrounds! If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ham sharing your CV and passion.

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