Who we are

PhD Candidate

Mirsalar Kamari

Mirsalar started in Fall 2017, and he is a PhD Candidate. He received his M.Sc. in structural engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He performs cutting-edge multidisciplinary research on rapid and automated perception techniques, including digital twinning and point cloud segmentation using large-scale visual data. His main recreational activities include kayaking and golfing.

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PhD Student

Jaeyoon Kim

Jaeyoon is a PhD student at Texas A&M, joined this lab from Spring 2019. He received his bachelor in Civil, Architectural Engineering & Landscape Architecture and M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering from Sunkyunkwan University. His research interests are digital twin smart city, disaster management, participatory sensing, computer vision.

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PhD Student

Jin Sol Lee

Jin Sol is a PhD student at Texas A&M since Fall 2020. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Hanyang University, Korea and M.Sc in Architecture and Architectural Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea. His research interests are construction robots, tele-operation, and smart construction.

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PhD Student

Yoojun Kim

Yoojun is a PhD student since Fall 2021. He received his bachelor/master’s degrees in Architectural Engineering from Inha University in South Korea. His research interests include computer vision, UAV, and deep learning applications across construction engineering domains.

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PhD Student

Di Liu

Di Liu is a PhD student. She has been advised by Dr. Ham since 2019. Previously, Di worked as an assistant project manager in the architectural design industry. She received an M.Arch degree from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Engineering degree with a major in architecture from Central South University, China. Di has research interests in human-centric building simulation, virtual reality, parametric design, and sustainable architecture. Di enjoys volunteering, cooking, at-home workouts, and drawing.

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Master Student

Aswin Jacob Thomas

Aswin is an MS Computer Science graduate. He received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Calicut in India. Then worked as an Applications Engineer at Oracle India for 2 years before starting his graduate studies at Texas A&M University. He joined the lab during Fall 2019 on the Smart City Project. He currently works as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon. In my free time, I love watching sci-fi movies and occasionally perform cooking experiments.

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Master Student

Ruchita Pandya

Ruchita started pursuing MS in construction management in Fall 2021, with an Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering from Gujarat Technological University in India. She joined this lab and participating in Smart City Project from Fall 2021. She uses the experience gained through her internships at Larsen and Toubro, Bullet Train Project(MAHSR), South West Central Commercial Hub to refine her research and develop new world solutions. Her research interests comprise Smart City modeling, Design Thinking, and Multidisciplinary approach towards Construction Sciences. When not at the Lab, you can find her socializing with people and listening to podcasts.

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Undergraduate Student

Nathan Read

Nathan Read is an undergraduate computer science student who has been a part of the Smart Cities project since 2019. He is interested in all aspects of Software Development with a particular focus on databases and cyber security. When he is not writing code, you can find him lifting weights or barbecuing.

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Undergraduate Student

Yung-Hsin Tung

Yung-Hsin Tung is an undergraduate majoring in Architectural Engineering/Computer Science at Texas A&M University. Since 2019, she has been working with Dr. Ham. Yung-Hsin's work is focused on virtual reality and acoustic simulation and she has an interest in the built environment.

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Undergraduate Student

Nicole Svetlov

Nicole joined the Lab in July 2021 as an Undergraduate Researcher. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Architectural Engineering at Texas A&M University with a minor in Urban Planning. Her research interests consist of smart buildings and sustainable construction.

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Dr. Seulbi Lee (Post Doc)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Architecture & Urban Design, Incheon National University, South Korea

Dr. Jeehee Lee (Post Doc)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dr. Hongjo Kim (Post Doc)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea

Dr. Jinwoo Kim (Visiting PhD student)

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan

Kajal Matanchhea Shrestha (MS)

Current Position: Project Engineer, Satterfield & Pontikes Construction

Angeela Shrestha (MS)

Current Position: Junior Estimator, Satterfield & Pontikes Construction

Reema Abraham (MS)

Current Position: Project Analyst, Turner & Townsend

Yogesh Naik (MS)

Current Position: Assistant Superintendent, Turner Construction Company

Michelle Chavez Abril (MS)

Current Position: Assistant Project Manager, Thornton Construction Company

JongWook Jeon (MS)

Current Position: BIM Specialist, HAEAHN Architecture

JaeHyuk Lee (MS)

Current Position: Program Controls Manager, Akaria Hanmi for Project Management

Jingdi Zhang (BS)

Current Position: Graduate Student, Computer Science, Texas A&M University